Create a Stylish and Meaningful Event with Ease and Excitement (Even if You’re a Busy Executive)

When You Hire an Award-Winning Wedding Planning Boutique to Plan Your Dream Wedding, You WILL Have Time to Build Your Career and Your Future Marriage While Still Creating Your Dream Wedding Experience.

Take a look at the planning packages I’ve intentionally designed to alleviate your stress and keep you excited, inspired, and at ease during your engagement and on your wedding day. Depending on the package you choose, I help you locate your team of trusted professionals, manage your budget, design your wedding décor and details, manage your big day, and more.


Bespoke & Luxe Packages

Also known as our full service planning package is designed for couples who full and busy schedules and require a wedding planning professional to guide and navigate them through the wedding planning process. Our team of wedding planners and designers are here to assist you from saying "I will" to "I do". Couples who choose this package have heavy logistical ideas with very limited amount of time to work with and prefer hiring a wedding professional to handle all the necessary details of planning a wedding - from start to finish.

Photo by Kelly Sweet Photography | Styling by Rhiannon Bosse | Plates by Gigi & LaClede | Stationery by Prairie Letter Shop | Linen from Special Occasions West | Florals by An Elegant Soiree Weddings


Wedding Management, Execution & Styling


This Package is ideal for couples who are halfway done with the planning  and would like a wedding professional to protect the investment of their wedding plans. Our team will assist you with executing & fine-tuning all your wedding details at least 3 months prior to your wedding to ensure and pull together your wedding logistics. An Elegant Soirée will handle all your rehearsal and wedding schedules, vendor confirmation, final venue walkthrough, and any last minute changes, so you can enjoy while you wed and while we hustle!


Design & Florals

Chic, Romantic and Elegant is the style we're known for and our  team of designers will create and curate the overall look and feel of your big day that is tailored perfectly to suit you, your Love Journey and of course, budget. We specialize in elegantly chic florals with a hint of romance gracing every design and florals we create. After all, it's all about YOU and we've love to create something beautiful for you and with you.

Photo by Kelly Sweet Photography 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire a wedding planner?

There’s no doubt in my mind that you absolutely can plan your own wedding. Couples who hire me know they only get one shot at this, that they have incredibly busy schedules, and that they want to have time to do the things they love to do during their engagement.

Hiring a wedding planner allows you to make decisions and create the wedding of your dreams without worrying about the logistics of hundreds of details, going over budget, or stressing about what’s left to do and if your day will turn out as planned. A wedding planner is simply a return on your investment. If you're already investing 30k, 50k or more for one of the biggest days of your life, so why would you spend that much on your dream wedding and not insure it by hiring a planner to make sure that all your hard work go off as planned. We will help you incorporate everything you want into your wedding, avoid costly mistakes, have peace of mind, and more time.

What makes you different?

My award-winning, full-service wedding planning boutique is founded on the love and dedication I have for my couples. I draw inspiration from you and soak in your love story. I listen to you and get to know you, so I can blend elegance and creativity with your story to create an experience that’s truly a reflection of you.

I am more concerned with how I connect with you and execute your vision than I am with booking my calendar solid, which is why I take on a limited number of clients.

Why are you more expensive than the other planners?

I truly believe that when it comes to investing in wedding planning services, you get what you pay for. My services are priced to give you the wedding experience of your dreams and to execute your vision in such a way that you are not disappointed. Couples who understand the value of investing in quality and talent easily discern that the cost of my services are well worth the results I achieve for them in making sure they stay on budget, get what they’ve paid for from their wedding professionals, and have the wedding of their dreams.

Do you offer payment plans?

To make my services as accessible as possible, I do offer payment plans. Once I’ve received your deposit, I will gladly work out an arrangement for you.

How much communication will we have with you?

No matter which package you book, you’ll have unlimited email and phone communication with me, so you can ask any questions that pop up or get my advice on something that’s concerning you.

How do we know we can trust you to understand our vision?

If you hire me to do your event styling, in our consultations, I spend a significant amount of time getting to know you and your fiancé. We elaborately discuss your wedding vision, look at samples and inspiration, and I provide mock-ups for you to sign off on.

If I’m planning your wedding and not the design, I still spend a significant amount of time getting to know you and understanding your expectations and desires for your big day, so I can liaise with your professional and create an accurate timeline of events.

Do you plan destination weddings?

I do. I’ve worked with many out-of-town brides who want to get married in Toronto. My wedding planning process works exactly the same. The majority of our communication will happen over the phone or via email.  The process is always smooth and I always find the right communication mix that works for you.