Vintage Weddings will always be my favourite!

Why? Because it'll never go out of trend and I simply can't get enough of it. Who wouldn't want to revisit an era that was filled with sequins, diamonds, pearls, feathers and laces?

Vintage Weddings are just fascinatingly magical. Whether it be a 1930's Art Deco inspired look, to a Luxurious Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding or a simple but elegant 1940's homespun look, this theme will never grow old - it surely has charming and glamorous elements that will  "Wow" your guests from start to finish.

Brides, you can always add your own twist to your chosen vintage style. There's plenty of places that you can visit in Toronto where you can search for vignette treasures that will help bring your vintage vision to life. There are places that rent out vintage furniture as well that you can add to your decor that can leave you and your guests feeling nostalgic in the end. The good thing about vintage weddings, it will never look dated, it will always be classy and stylish fit - for every kind of bride.

So if you end up choosing a vintage theme for your wedding, embrace it - use pearls, diamonds, sequins - anything that will make you look and feel like you're a part of this charming era. There is nothing more fulfilling for a bride than simply nailing her chosen vintage wedding style.

(Photos were compiled from Pinterest for Inspiration)